Playful father and son baking in kitchen

DNA of Thoughtful Engineering

Thoughtful Engineering describes everything we do to meet the needs of today’s consumer At Galanz, it’s in our DNA, and for me, it’s personal. Sitting down to a meal that you have cooked with family or friends brings us all closer, so how do we turn “I have to make dinner” into “let’s cook together”.

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DNA of Thoughtful Marketing

This is our journey about how we are creating a household brand in the US through Thoughtful Marketing. It’s in our DNA. We are excited about where we have come and more enthusiastic about our future.

Galanz Factory

DNA of Thoughtful Manufacturing

Each of these facets of our business – automation, vertical integration, sustainability, quality control, and a winning culture – make up the Galanz brand. We take pride in our products, as evidenced by our dedication to our excellence in manufacturing processes. It’s not just something we do, it’s in our DNA.