Since its inception, Galanz (Zhongshan) Household Appliances Co., Ltd. has adhered to the corporate mission of “Striving to Touch Customers’ Hearts,” dedicated to providing consumers with high-quality, high-performance home appliances. Not only does the company hold a leading position in the domestic market, but it also casts its gaze globally,actively exploring international markets with products exported to numerous countries and regions across Europe, America, Asia, and beyond.This global perspective and strategic layout enable Galanz to keep abreast of international trends, continually introduce advanced technologies and management expertise, and drive continuous enterprise development and innovation.

Equipped with world-class production facilities and lines, Galanz (Zhongshan) Household Appliances adopts automated and intelligent production models, significantly enhancing production efficiency and product quality. Occupying approximately 1,634.10 acres,The company boasts multiple modern production plants and R&D center , employing over thousands of individuals, forming a substantial production scale and robust manufacturing capacity.This scale advantage not only meets the vast demands of both domestic and international markets but also provides a solid foundation for the company’s rapid growth.

Galanz (Zhongshan)’s main product is microwave oven. Microwave oven is the company’s flagship product, has garnered widespread acclaim from consumers for excellent cooking performance, energy efficiency, and stable quality. The company not only focuses on technological innovation and performance enhancement but also devotes significant efforts to product design, ease of use, and other aspects, striving to offer consumers a more comfortable and convenient user experience. Additionally, Galanz actively develops and promotes smart home products, leading the home appliance industry towards intelligence and networking.

Recognizing that technological innovation is the core driving force for enterprise development, Galanz (Zhongshan) continuously increases R&D investments, establishing a comprehensive R&D system and talent incentive mechanism that attracts a large number of outstanding R&D talents. These professionals delve deeply into their respective fields, consistently breaking through technological barriers and introducing a series of new products and technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights. These innovations not only elevate the company’s core competitiveness but also lay a solid foundation for its sustainable development.

With outstanding product quality, robust R&D capabilities, and a global market layout, Galanz (Zhongshan) Household Appliances Co., Ltd. has achieved remarkable market success. Its products consistently rank among the top in domestic market share and have garnered widespread recognition and praise in international markets. Simultaneously, the company actively fulfills its social responsibilities, prioritizing environmental protection and public welfare, fostering a positive corporate and brand image. This remarkable market performance and brand influence have not only yielded substantial economic returns but also solidified the foundation for the company’s long-term development.