About Galanz

Galanz Group, founded in September 28th, 1978, is a world-class integrated white goods brand enterprise, and one of the most influential leading enterprises in the Chinese household electrical appliances industry. Ever since China’s reform and opening-up, Galanz has always insisted on hard work and innovation in development strategy, concentrated on real economy, and focused on household appliances manufacturing. Centered on a vision of building “a centennial enterprise and global brand”, Galanz,with 37 years of entrepreneurship,has achieved the goal of “keeping a foothold in Guangdong Province, facing the country, and going global”, has taken the giant leap from Microwave Oven Manufacturing to Microwave Oven Intelligent Manufacturing, has become a comprehensive, leading white goods group, and has always been a business card of Chinese Manufacturing in the international market.

Galanz has the world's largest microwave oven R&D and manufacturing center, as well as the world's leading manufacturing facilities of professional air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, electric ovens and other household appliances. Apart from a national microwave oven laboratory, Galanz has the industry-leading integrated multi-functional laboratories for big white goods projects such as air conditioners, washing machines, and dishwashers. In addition to the R&D center in the Chinese headquarters, Galanz is also actively seeking cooperation with local professional research institutions and R&D centers of established enterprises in the United States, Japan, Korea, Europe and other countries and regions; Galanz has set up branches in HKG (Hong Kong, China) and North America, founded R&D Center in Japan, opened offices in the United Kingdom, Russia and other countries, and established distribution centers in nearly 200 countries and regions around the world.

Galanz has already fully mastered the core technologies and core self-supporting capacities of white goods such as microwave ovens and air conditioners, etc. The core components independently developed such as magnetrons, compressors, and transformers also take a lead in the industry. Over the years, Galanz has persisted in indigenous innovation, has been fully committed to creating a low-carbon economic development model, and has built the world's largest single plant distributed photovoltaic power generation project in the Zhongshan Green Plant.

With the comprehensive development of the enterprise, Galanz’s independent R&D capabilities have been strengthened constantly. By 2014, Galanz has accumulatively applied for more than 1,900 patents domestically and internationally, and owned over 1,600 authorized patents at home and abroad, more than 80 of which are invention patents. At present, Galanz has already built up a complete research and product development system for basic technologies of white goods, and several postdoctoral workstations and national laboratories. Till now, Galanz has become the “National High-Tech Enterprise”, “National Torch High-Tech Enterprise”, “National Demonstration Enterprise in Integration of Information Technology and Industrialization”, “High-Tech Enterprise in Guangdong Province”, “Guangdong Provincial Enterprise Technical Center”, and “Microwave Heating Engineering R&D Center in Guangdong Province”.

Under the leadership of President Leung Chiu Yin, Galanz has upheld the industrial spirit of hard work and innovation, concentrated on real economy, and focused on household appliances manufacturing. At Galanz, driving forces are talent, innovation, and consumption. With focus of the New Modernization Drive, namely manufacturing automation, management informationization, international branding, and humanized management as priorities, and needs of the development of two-oriented society, Galanz has created new hard power, soft power, and action force through the integration of information technology and industrialization, therefore earnestly making a contribution to the advanced version of Chinese manufacturing.